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Thieving Hexe is an infinite survival roguelite where you have to traverse castles filled with hostile skeletons, find loot and steal a valuable fragment from deep within. Then, make a run for it and go through the level in reverse under a time limit to get away.

The levels get longer and more complicated as you progress - You are rewarded for remembering your way back and managing your resources.


WASD: Move around

Left Shift: Dash

1-5 or Mouse scroll wheel: Cycle inventory slots

Q: Drop item

E: Interact

Left click: Attack/Use held item

Escape: Pause


Lazy Duchess - Programming, Art, UI

KoryBagel - Environment and texture art

CurtisSmithSound - Audio design and implementation

Daniel Tu/lilcjttu - SFX


You can take torches off walls with E. You can attack with them and even drop them to make a path and find your way back to the starting room. Get to know the level before stealing the fragment and starting the countdown.

Keep moving and try to maneuver around the skeletons as much as possible. They're faster than you, but turning and getting hit can throw them off.

Manage your potions and keep an eye on your health - Your state transfers between levels.

If you're not finding any enemies, you're likely heading into a dead end.

You can sometimes find a Castle Key item that you can use to open closed doors and potentially find more loot.

Engine anti-aliasing is present in UI elements for clearer icons and text.


Thieving Hexe x32 61 MB

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